Sunday 27 September 2020
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Γκαλερί με έδρα το Κάρντιφ της Ουαλίας ζητά αποφοίτους της ΑΣΚΤ για απασχόληση

Για λογαριασμό γκαλερί με έδρα το Κάρντιφ της Ουαλίας θα μπορούσαμε να απασχολήσουμε αποφοίτους της σχολής με πάθος για την τέχνη. Η θέση που αφορά είναι fiwld sales agents (πωλητές έργων τέχνης) με προοπτικές περαιτέρω συνεργασίας.

Field Sales Agent - Work in the UK
A young and growing start up company is launching a revolutionary and innovative concept in the art world. We are looking for people who will become a part of our field sales team.

We are looking for daring, hard-driven workers with excellent communication skills that are ready for both challenging and magical field work.

If you have an eye for art, an outgoing personality and you see yourself working in frontal sales, you may become a part of our growing company.

The role

You will be responsible for engaging in face to face sales, functioning as a Door to Door and Business to Business art promoter, visiting new and existing clients, promote and sell art products inside their home or business.

We will teach you to be the best! You will be given all the tools and support to succeed in your role, free training from the best in the field and personal guidance from our team members.

We consider ourselves as a small creative family, and looking for people who can grow with us, develop, and take an active part in our next steps of introducing a new method of buying art.

You must be

21-29 years of age
Able to have a conversation in English
Able to read and write in English in a good level
Willingness to learn a new profession and to deal with failures alongside great success
With great communication skills, intelligent, clean with good appearance and with an appetite for new experiences
Suitable for inexperienced workers

Work Pattern

Full time, long term. 5 days a week, 3-5 hours a day of field work + training.
First 6 weeks involve intensive training

Salary and benefits

We offer a base salary + generous, easy to reach bonuses that differ from daily, weekly and monthly.
We deliver accommodations in the capital city of Cardiff.
We give assistance with all documentation required to live and work in the UK.
Opportunities for career progression to team leaders, framers, carpenters and more.
Friendly, young and extremely enjoyable social environment.

The company

We are proud to present a completely new method of buying and framing art.

We have launched a revolutionary initiative in the art market in presenting a new mobile gallery and frame shop. This is an online platform through which users can book to view art collections before purchasing.

This is a luxury, unlike any other service that we are super excited about.

We believe in the need of people to experience art in the comfort of their home, in a down to earth but luxurious manner, to get the final look they can see clearly. We give the chance to measure art.

For this reason we chose to come with a new initiative of a B2B and D2D promotion team which will demonstrate our new services and spread awareness by facing people directly.